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Electra Designs Custom Corsets

Measurement Form for Made-To-Measure Corsets

Measurement Diagram

Complete and accurate measurements are essential to the creation of a properly fitting corset that is both flattering and comfortable. If possible, please ask a trusted friend, family member, or tailor to take your measurements for you, as they will be more accurate than measurements you take yourself.

Please be honest with your measurements. No one will see them except me, and to me they are only numbers. Submitting vanity measurements will result in fitting problems, delays, and possibly fees. Please submit your current measurements. Do not guess at what size you think you might be after you lose weight. If you are not confident in your measurements, I recommend you purchase mockup service with remote fitting. The mockup will help me spot any measurement mistakes and fit imperfections before your final corset is made. There are no returns, exchanges or refunds if your corset doesn't fit due to incorrect measurements or improper size selection. If you need help with your measurements, please email me.

Optional: Please provide me with clear pictures of your body, wearing close fitting clothing. Pictures will help me better understand your build, which will aid in the pattern drafting process. You don’t have to show your face. All photos and measurements are kept confidential.

Please email me at if you have any questions.

Measuring Instructions

I recommend you take your measurements after a light meal. Please begin with a comfortable, supportive, unpadded bra (a snug sports bra works best). If you are a cross dresser, please wear your bra and falsies and make a note of it for me.

Wear a close fitting body suit, underwear, or take measurements over bare skin in ensure accurate results.

Start by tying a string around your natural waist. Bend side to side. The string should settle on your natural waist line. To help locate your natural waist, bend your upper body towards the side and poke your fingers into the angle that forms at your side waist. If you aren't sure where your waist is, position the string where you believe your natural waist should be. If in doubt, email me a picture of yourself with the string tied around your waist.

Leave the string in place when taking all measurements. It will act as a point of reference, and will be referred to in the following instructions as the "waist string".

Stand up straight with feet hipbone width apart. Do not stand unnaturally erect or slouch. Use a flexible measuring tape. Ask your assistant to take all measurements snugly against the body, but do not suck it in or pull the tape too tight (unless specified). Take care not to measure over thumb or fingers and be sure to use the correct end of the tape measure. Take all horizontal measurements parallel to the floor, and all vertical measurements straight up and down. It is wise to measure twice for accuracy. You may use inches or centimeters.

Circumference Measurements

  • 1. Bust Size: (for overbust and bras only): Measure around the fullest part of your bust at the apex (nipple). Be sure the tape measure does not droop across your back.
  • 1a. Squished Bust: (overbust corsets only): For this measurement, it helps to wear a tight sports bra to control ample breasts. Cross your hands in front of you. Place your hands over your bust (left over right, right over left). Squeeze your breasts upward and inward to simulate desired cleavage. Place the measuring tape UNDER your hands and measure around your bust at the fullest part. Your corset bust will be made to fit this size. Several other measurements must be taken in this "squished bust" position.
  • 2. Underbust: (Or widest part of rib cage below pecs for males): Place tape directly under breasts. Make sure the tape is parallel with the floor. Arms down.
  • 3. Ribs: With arms down, measure around your lower ribs half way between your waist and underbust. This measurement is to ensure your corset does not compress your lower ribs too much so you can breathe freely. When taking this measurement, relax your breath so your lungs are neither filled nor deflated.
  • 4.Waist: Measure around body where the string is tied. Do not suck in your stomach. This is your actual, natural waist measurement. Tie a string around your waist for reference when you take your vertical measurements.
  • 4a. Desired Waist: Pull tape as snugly as possible around waist while pulling in your abdominal muscles to get an idea of how much reduction you are capable of. If your waist is less than 26” or you are a first time corset wearer, I recommend a 2-3” reduction. Those with fleshy waists, and experienced corset wearers may prefer a 5-6” waist reduction. The actual waist measurement of the corset will be made 2” smaller than your desired waist measurement (there should be at least an aproximate 2” gap between laces when fully cinched in). If you are used to wearing proper corsets, measure the waist of your corset and add 2" for your desired waist.
  • 5. High Hip: Measure around hips 3” below waist string
  • 6. Low Hip: Measure around hips 7” below waist string

Vertical Measurements

  • 7. Waist to Underbust
  • 8. Waist to Top of Pubic Bone Center Front, Seated: Sit down with good posture. Starting at the waist in center front, measure down to the top of your pubic bone. Your corset will not be made longer than this measurement. If you have a tummy, push your tummy flat and measure straight down.
  • 9. Waist to Top of Thigh Seated: Sit down with good posture. Measure from the waist string down to the top of your lap over one thigh. If you have a tummy, push your tummy flat and measure straight down.
  • 10. Side of Body (overbust only): Start by placing the end of the measuring tape at the waist on the side of your body, and measure up towards your armpit. Indicate how high you want your corset to be on the side. I recommend 2” below the crease of your armpit (or the top edge of your bra).
  • 11. Waist to Top Corset Center Front: Measure from your waist up to where you want the top edge of your corset to be at center front. For overbusts, this will determine the amount of decolletage you reveal.
  • 12. Underbust to Apex: (overbust corsets and bras only): In the "squished bust" position, measure from base of breast, following the curve of the breast, up to the center of your nipple. Place the tape UNDER your hand.
  • 13. Apex to Top of Corset over Breast: (overbusts only): Take measurement in "squished bust" position. Measure from center of nipple (apex) to where you want the top edge of your corset to be over your breast.

Additional Information

  • 14. Bra Size: (overbust corsets or bras): Do not guess. Read the tag on the back of your best-fitting bra. Indicate whether it is US or European sizing.
  • 15. Figure problems you may have
  • 16. Transgender: Please let me know if you are a transgender, cross-dresser, or have a male skeletal structure. Please specify whether you prefer a masculine or feminine silhouette.
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